about javara

Javara is the flagship of PT Kampung
Kearifan Indonesia, a company that
works across the supply chain to sustain
Indonesia’s forgotten food biodiversity
heritage by delivering it to national and
international market.
Through partnership with farmers,
foragers, fishers and food artisans,
Javara offers a wide range of finest
natural, organic and artisanal food
products originating from various
regions of Indonesian archipelago . . .


Produk Javara yang bervariasi


Honey, Jam, & Spread


Coffee,Tea & Beyond

Rice, Grains & Beans

Flour & Baking Ingred.

Sauce & Condiments

Pasta & Noodle

Coconut Oil

Snacks & Nuts


Superfood & Food Clr.

Spice, Herb & Seasoning

Raw Crackers

Hampers & Gifts

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