Inspired by indigenous farmers and food artisans striving to preserve Indonesia’s food biodiversity, indigenous wisdom and spiritualism, JAVARA was founded in 2008.

Javara works across agricultural value chains from production to distribution in order to preserve Indonesia’s biodiversity and bring community-based, organic products to broader markets. To date, Javara has created over 600 artisanal products and works with over tens of thousands smallholder farmers across Indonesia. The company intervenes along the supply chains to strengthen supplier’s production capacity, improve workplace safety and market products nationally and internationally, securing premium prices for the farmers and processors. Javara currently holds a portfolio of over 250 organic products that are certified under the EU, US, NOP and JAS standards. Javara has been exporting to over 22 countries in 4 continents.



Believing in the future of Indonesia’s food biodiversity to meet global healthy diets and explorative culinary experience, Helianti Hilman left her consulting work to establish PT. Kampung Kearifan Indonesia (Javara) in 2008. Graduated from King’s College London, specializing in intellectual property rights with an extensive multi-sector consulting experience for rural economic development, Helianti uses such expertise and network to support her mission. Since then she is publicly recognized as the forefront promoter in sustaining Indonesia’s food biodiversity heritage. She received Ernst & Young (EY) Indonesia award in 2013, named by Forbes Indonesia as one of Inspiring Women Honor Roll in 2014 and has been a Schwab Social Entrepreneur fellow since 2015. In 2016, Top 10 Asia named her as one of Indonesia’s Top Social entrepreneur.


One stop cozy place to shop, eat and learn about Indonesia’s widest & finest selections of artisanal, natural and organic food products. Join us in celebrating Indonesia’s food biodiversity heritage, indigenous wisdom and culinary tradition by visiting our store, listen to the stories, values and farmers behind the products. Join our ethnic food workshops or simply hangout in our restaurant with your friends and family and enjoy our scrumptious unique & healthy selection of snacks, meals, drinks & coffee.


Inspired by indigenous farmers and food artisans striving to preserve Indonesia’s food biodiversity, indigenous wisdom and spiritualism. Javara works wholeheartedly to keep alive Indonesia food biodiversity heritage by bringing origin-specific products to the national and global consumers. Working hand in hand with small holder farmers and food producers across Indonesia through direct ethical trade. All of our artisan products are curated and attended to meet the global food safety standards.


Strategies, actions & agricultural practices and approaches that Javara applies, promotes the importance of conservation and the sustainable use of biodiversity of food and agriculture. The company started with only 10 farmers and 8 products in its network, and has grown to tens of thousands farmers and 800 products. It employs 85 people directly. “Javara is a company that creates companies at the rural level,” as Helianti Hilman, CEO and founder of Javara said. Local farmers, collectives and artisans produce the products, Javara focuses on R&D, product development, certification, quality control, marketing, branding and distribution to local and global markets.Javara currentlyholds portfolio of over 240 organic products that are certified under EU, US NOP and JAS Standards. Javara has been exporting to over 22 countries in 4 continents and named by Forbes magazine as one of Indonesia’s 20 Global Rising Stars, the only enterprise in the class in 2014.


All of our products are directly sourced, being origin-specific and traceable products developed hand in hand with the food producers which we carry in our store.



Is Javara Artisanal, Natural & Organic?

Every Javara’s product is made from carefully selected ingredients from the finest sources. We only deal with natural & organic ingredients (no chemical fertilizer or pesticides). We do care to deliver the health-benefits to our consumer through the products we bring. We do not centralize the production process, but empower the local people to do the processing in artisanal way by providing them the capacity building and technological assistance.

How do I buy Javara products online?

At the moment, we do not have an online store. However, you can contact us through WhatsApp (0811 999 5383) if you’d like to order. We usually send the order via GoJek/TIKI/JNE.

If you want to buy a product from us, can come directly to our showroom in Kemang. You can find out address at the bottom of our website or on our Contact page.

Why does Javara think it is important to preserve our heritage?

In Javara, we believe that we do not inherit the earth from our parents, but we borrow it from our children. Therefore, every work that we do we always consider the impact to the environment. Not only us, but also every partners we work with in our chains we invite to have the same vision to work with good environment and keep it as it was, when everything is natural.

How can I find JAVARA in my city?

Please refer to our Where to Buy page.


I love to challenge myself to do with new spices. Javara works with a lot of spices from around Indonesia that are almost extinct and really hard to get from anywhere else. So Javara gives me a piece of heaven every day with these spices. I am concentrating more on Indonesian spices because I believe Indonesian cuisine is going to be one of the world’s best.

Chef Ragil Imam WibowoCo-Founder of Maharasa Indonesia

As an Indonesian chef and a food writer who has been trying to promote modern Indonesian cuisine and local products for a decade, Javara is the perfect partner for me. They make my job easier because they can source good quality local ingredients. I can introduce and recommend Javara products to many of my foreign chef colleagues and culinary expert community with pride. I have a lot of faith on Javara products and am very proud and grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with Javara.

Chef Petty ElliotChef, Food Writer & Food Consultant

The way Javara promotes local produce and collaborates with farmers is amazing. Education is a big focus for Javara as is installing a pride in the farmers. A lot of companies sell fair trade food but not many invest as much time and effort in their farmers. That makes Javara very unique. Javara adds lots of value to me as a chef because they provide an awesome product with great quality at a fair price. They allow me to utilize some of Indonesia’s finest produce that I would not have found otherwise.

Chef Rolf KnechtExecutive Chef Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Javara and I share the same concerns about our food sources and spices. We have 17,000 islands and over 500 tribes. So we own over 500 cultural riches, including their culinary culture. Javara has created a type of cultural identity for Indonesians with their artisanal products. It is good to collaborate with those who share the same mission and vision.

Chef Rahung NasutionTribal Chef

The workshop was amazing for me. In Germany we use totally different herbs and spices. It’s really enriching my life of cooking. I used to cook a lot of Thai style dishes, which is a bit similar to Indonesian, cooking with chili and herbs. What’s great was the natural food dyes, which are really colourful and I really enjoyed it. German herbs are not colourful. Cooking is eating with the eyes. When you eat you use all your senses. You smell and taste but you also see it. That’s the key difference for me.

Xenia GerresheimHamburg, Germany

I come to JAVARA all the time to get my stuff. I like the fact Javara products are sustainably grown, 100% local, empowers communities and doesn’t use pesticides, which is very important to me.
The JAVARA workshops are great. They are very informative. I especially love the natural food colouring. It is a great and a safe way to add colour to food for children.
My favourite JAVARA products are the noodles. My children love the noodles, tomato, spinach and broccoli. I really love the chive salt. I use it on all our roasted vegetables. And the apple blossom honey and cinnamon go hand-in-hand.

Claudia MatthewsBrisbane, Australia