Javara is the flagship of PT Kampung Kearifan Indonesia, a company that works across the supply chain to sustain Indonesia’s forgotten food biodiversity heritage by delivering it to the national and international market.

Through partnerships with farmers, foragers, fishers, and food artisans, Javara offers a wide range of finest natural, organic, and artisanal food products originating from various regions of the Indonesian archipelago. All of our products are directly sourced, being origin-specific and traceable products developed hand in hand with the food producers which we carry in our store.



Javara is founded by Helianti Hilman in October 2008, a trained Intellectual Property Rights lawyer and consultant on rural economic development. Upon her interactions with smallholder farmers when providing pro bono legal advice for them, she found herself fascinated with the wealth of Indonesia’s food biodiversity heritage and indigenous food culture. Being someone who loves to travel, cook, and enjoy a different spectrum of food, she understands the deep concerns of the indigenous farmers that such heritage and culture are being forgotten and lost at a very fast pace.

Inspired by the passion, dedication, and perseverance of the smallholder farmers and indigenous communities who have against all odds, striving to keep alive the food biodiversity heritage as well as indigenous wisdom and spiritualism on the sustainable food system, she decided to leave her consulting work and founded Javara. Since then, through Javara she has been immersing herself with the mission of delivering food biodiversity to the wider market and mobilizing market participation through sustainable consumption.

To further support the mission, in 2017 she founded Sekolah Seniman Pangan, an action-based entrepreneurial learning facility and business ecosystem to nurture the growth of food entrepreneurship among rural youth and women.





Javara Culture provides the widest selection of Indonesia’s fine artisan natural and organic food products. Hundreds of them are already certified organic for the US, Europe, and Japan, as well as Halal Certified. Javara’s products have also been exported to over 20 countries on five continents.


Savor on the scrumptious food and beverages at Dapur Javara, which recipes and team are developed with passion to highlights the beauty of Indonesia’s heritage food ingredients. Our restaurants only use 100% local, traceable, and organically & naturally-grown ingredients of the Indonesian archipelago.


At Javara Culture, we offer a space that enables cross-learning about Indonesia’s heritage food culture, food ingredients, and how to enjoy them. Javara Culture regularly runs ExploRasa, a thematic food tasting workshop, cooking demos, and narrated dinner.