JAVARA sells over 600 artisanal products and works with 50,000 small holder farmers across Indonesia. The company intervenes along the supply chains to strengthen supplier’s production capacity, improve workplace safety and markets products nationally and internationally, securing premium prices for the farmers and processors.



JAVARA’s value chain includes farmers with small landholdings, organized into farmer collectives. JAVARA creates local farm-entrepreneurs and helps them develop high market potential produce and supports them to adopt sustainable and economically beneficial farming practices such as crop rotation or inter-cropping.


JAVARA works with over 25 partners across 18 countries in Europe, America and Asia. The company engages in co-branding partnerships and has 60 domestic partners, which include large retailers, premium supermarkets and hotel chains that carry JAVARA labelled products.


Over 3,000 food artisans are also trained by JAVARA to reach and maintain high food safety and quality standards. These processors source from these collectives and add-value through processing. When there is strong local capacity, the farmer collectives handle the processing operations. JAVARA then purchases, markets and distributes these products. This model ensures transparent pricing structures and allows all involved stakeholders to benefit from selling value added products.