Good food is a leisure

Good health is a treasure

Good deed is a pleasure


Social Impact

Social impact is designed accordingly to the need and challenges faced by the food producer community. There is no one-fits-all design, as each community/food producer may have different priorities. Our social impact can be in the form of :

  • Creating rural business opportunities and employment, helping to achieve reverse urbanization among youth and women.
  • Safer working condition.
  • Improving skill and capacity that will increase marketability and profitability of produces/products.
  • Reviving knowledge among local communities on forgotten, yet nutritious wild edibles and helping to improve family nutrition among food producers that are partnering or receiving knowledge transfer.


Javara believes that food biodiversity is the legacy of our future food. We also believe that to sustain such a legacy, there is a need for a food ecosystem where :

  • Smallholder farmers and indigenous communities are appreciated as the guardians as well as the beneficiaries of the food biodiversity.
  • Smallholder farmers and indigenous food producers as the guardians and producers of such food biodiversity heritage.
  • Responsible consumers seeking healthy nutritious food that is ethically and sustainably sourced become the trendsetter for the mainstream market.

In doing so, Javara works endlessly both at the local and global level to participate in making the systemic change happens.