Organic Coconut Cooking Oil

Javara’s Organic Coconut Cooking Oil is a premium quality oil made from Indonesia’s best quality coconut. With its non-aroma and absolutely neutral taste, it has a versatile applications, from frying to baking and many more. Uses of coconut oil also offers many health benefit, from reducing cholesterol level to boosting immunity system against virus, bacteria and fungus. Our coconut cooking oil is also safe to be reused up to 6 times frying, making it very economical.

100% Extract Oil of Organic Dried Coconut Meat (Copra)

Odorless (No Aroma)

Can be use for frying up to 6 times

Immune Booster due to its lauric acid content

Help to Reduce Bad Cholesterol

No Chemical Additives

Traceable Product

Taste Profile and Applications
Our coconut cooking oil has absolutely neutral taste, and thus can be used in any type of food preparation that calls for oil or fat.
• Deep Frying
• Sautee
• Baking
• Salad Oil
• Popcorn Oil
• Direct Consumption for Immune Booster
• Added to smoothies, soups, baby food

Shelf Life: 24 months

Export Experience

Brunei, Bulgaria, South Korea, Singapore, China

Packaging Options*

Retail Packaging

900ml Plastic Pouch

5000ml Jerrycan

1800ml Plastic Pouch

500ml Glass Jar

1000ml PET Bottle

250ml Glass Jar

Bulk Packaging*

21.5 MT Flexitank

20 Liter Jerrycan

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