Bali Artisan Salt

Javara Bali Artisan Salt collection celebrate and preserve traditional heritage in salt making in various regions in Bali. They are hand-harvested by Bali salt artisans that require meticulous process.
While Amed Salt is signified by the uses of mud to help creating the brines, the Kusamba salt uses the volcanic sand to help the evaporation process, before both brines are then sun dried on top of coconut logs.
The Pemuteran Salt Collection combines Balinese centuries old salt-making tradition with modern use of solar house technology to control the quality and mitigate unpredictable rainy seasons. The production of the salt undergoes several filtration processes to ensure clean outcomes that qualify it as premium salt.

No Bleaching

No Anti-Clogging

No Micro Plastics

Traceable & Ethically Traded

Combines artisanal method & food safety assurance

Product Range:
Bali – Pemuteran Salt:
• Fleur de Sel
• Coarse Salt
• Pyramid
• Rock Salt
• Smoked Salt in Coconut Leaf
Bali – Amed Salt
Bali – Kusamba Salt*

Shelf Life : 24 months

Packaging Options*
Hamper Bali Artisan Salt Collection:
Amed Bali Salt, Kusamba Bali Salt, Pemuteran Bali SaltDegradable plastic 100g in Paperbox
Gift Packaging/Gourmet Application:
Bali Pemuteran Pyramid Salt – 65g Stone JarPemuteran Fleur de Sel – 100g Stone Jar
Bali Artisan Salt Smoked Salt – 80g in Coconut Leaves wrap
Regular Retail PackBulk Pack
Bali Artisan Salt Pemuteran – 300g JarBali Artisan Salt Amed – 300g Jar5kg x 2 air-blocked plastic bags in corrugated carton
Bali Artisan Salt Kusamba – 300g Jar*Bali Artisan Salt Fleur de Sel (Non Iodized) – 300g Jar
* For customized packaging, contact our salesperson