Moringa Noodle | Mie Daun Kelor

Packaging : 200 gr (1 pack x 6 pcs)


Moringa Tree (Moringa Oleifera) is wildly grown across Indonesia, especially in the eastern part of Indonesia. Moringa is considered as miracle plant for many reasons. It is a drought-resistance plant and is rich with nitrogen that helps to fertilize the soil. All parts of the tree have functional benefits from nutrition source to water purifying agent. With protein higher than milk and meat, calcium content higher than milk, potassium higher than banana, iron higher than spinach, vitamin A higher than carrots, vitamin C higher that orange, Moringa is globally known as a super food. We proudly offer health-conscious food lovers with the pleasurable experience in enjoying the health benefits of Moringa. This Moringa noodle also provides a perfect diet for vegetarians.

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200 g