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Flores Flavours, a Variety of Premium and Healthy Artisan Foods

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Javara Flores Flavours
Flores has a captivating charm that appeals to many eyes. It’s not just about the jaw-dropping beauty of its natural wonders, this eastern Indonesian island is also blessed with an abundant array of culinary treasures. The Flores region is a producer of high-quality nuts, cloves, and coconuts. In particular, Flores cashew nuts are a league of their own. The unique contour of the land and organic processing methods result in round, white cashew nuts that set them apart. Their creamy and distinctive taste has gained popularity, making them highly sought after in America and Vietnam. Moreover, Flores is a major producer of coconuts. In fact, coconuts are one of the flagship commodities of the Flores community. Coconuts are a high-value food ingredient as they can be processed into various everyday products, ranging from food and beverages to medicine and cosmetics. Coconut trees themselves are environmentally friendly plants, remaining productive for up to 50 years. The food biodiversity of Flores has given rise to numerous artisan businesses that produce high-quality food products, adding value to the local community. These food varieties also provide excellent nutrition for the body. Through Flores Flavours, a program initiated by Sekolah Seniman Pangan, the unique flavors of Flores’ artisanal foods can now be enjoyed by a wide audience. Flores Flavours consists of 24 curated food products divided into several categories, such as Artisan Syrup, Cashew Snacks, Brittle Snacks, Dried Fruits Snacks, Noodles, and Seasoning, as well as Jam, Butter, and Spread. These products are easily accessible and can be purchased on the Javara Culture Kemang Store, WhatsApp Orders, and the online platform Javara Store.

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