Gourmet Noodle

Javara Gourmet Veggie Noodle offers a great selection of delicious, naturally colorful and nutritious noodles. They are made from natural and GMO free ingredients without any eggs, making it a perfect option for those with vegetarian and vegan diet. We deliberately added generous amount of vegetables to enrich the nutritional content of the noodle and turning it into a beautifully appetizing noodle. This Gourmet Veggie Noodle often valued by our customer as solution to integrate vegetable into their diet. The production of this Gourmet Veggie Noodle allows partnering vegetable farmers to ensure that their harvest don’t go to waste.

Wheat flour, Vegetables/Herbs, Cassava flour, Water, Salt

Contains mix vegetables

No Artificial Colorants

Oven-baked processing, not deep-fried

No MSG & Artificial Flavoring

No Preservatives

Vegan (No Eggs)

Product Range:
• Broccoli
• Carrot
• Tomato
• Purple Sweet Potato
• Spinach
• Turmeric
• Red Chili
• Moringa
• Mustard Greens

Taste Profile and Applications
Our gourmet veggie noodle only differs on nutrition content and natural colors due to the vegetable used in each variants. Yet, there is no significant different on the flavor. It can be prepared using both hot methods (boiling or soaking in hot water) and cold method (soaked in room temperature water)
It is applicable for versatile dishes, including for
• Fried Noodle
• Soup Noodle
• Pasta Dishes
• And limitless creativity for foodies who likes to experiment different ways in enjoying the noodle.

Shelf Life: 15 months

Export Experience Italy, South Africa, Singapore, Japan
Packaging Options*
Retail Packaging
200g Plastic
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