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Emping Melinjo is an Indonesian authentic chips made from Gnetum gnemon seeds. The tree itself can be found across Indonesia, however tradition of making chips out of the seeds is a tradition found in Java and Sumatera. The seeds are roasted, de-shelled, flattened manually using stone, and sun-dried, resulting raw chips, ready to be deep fried. Emping Melinjo chips hasan umami taste with subtle bitter aftertaste, and yet it is very addictive.

Naturally grown

No Bleaching

No Artificial Flavoring

Origin Specific


Preparation & Uses:
Javara Emping Melinjo is a raw chip and need to be first deep fried before it can be enjoyed. The deep-frying itself only requires about 1-1.5 minutes, until it becomes golden brown, puff up and crispy. Drained the excessive oil from the fried emping mlinjo, sprinkle with salt, and keep them in airtight container, ready for consumption.

Emping Melinjo can be enjoyed as snacks or as condiments to rice, soup dishes and Indonesian style peanut-sauce salad. From time to time, Javara is featuring Emping Melinjo from different regions, including from Aceh and Yogya.

Shelf Life: 12 months

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