Organic Coconut Sugar and Organic Arenga Sugar

Javara Arenga sugar is made from pure nectar of arenga tree (Arenga pinnata) blossom which is wildly grown in the tropical forests of West Java, Indonesia. It requires special skill of indigenous foragers that are passed down over generations. The nectar collection involves a very meticulous process to collect the coconut blossom nectar, which methods include meticulous pounding the tree part where the blossom stemmed. Arenga is one of a very important trees that helps to balance the forest natural ecosystem, maintain soil humidity and prevent erosion. Collection of the blossom nectar does not influence the sustenance of the tree, and thus Arenga is one of the most ecological sugar sources.

100% arenga blossom nectar

Low Glycemic Index

No Presentatives
Slow Release Calories perfect energy source for endurance

No Artificial Colorant

No Artificial Flavoring

Traceable Product

Taste Profile and Applications
Arenga has a combination of sweet taste and caramel/toffee flavor notes. It is a healthier and tastier alternative to regular sugar. Application includes:
• coffee, ice coffee latte, chocolate, ginger tea
• baking, glazing, desserts
• muesli and granola
• making home made coconut jam/salted caramel sauce
• Indonesian traditional delicacies such as cendol, putu, rujak.

Product Range:
• Arenga Crystal Sugar (organic certified)
• Arenga Moulded Sugar
• Arenga Syrup (organic certified)

Shelf Life:
• Arenga Crystal Sugar (organic certified): 18 months
• Arenga Moulded Sugar: 12 months
• Arenga Syrup (organic certified): 12 months

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Packaging Options*
ProductRetail PackagingBulk Packaging
Organic Crystal Arenga Sugar300g PET Jar10kg x 2 Bag in Corrugated Carton Box
11,5kg x 2 Bag in Corrugated Carton Box
Organic Arenga Sugar Syrup250ml Glass Bottle1,3kg Jerrycan
1000ml Glass Bottle
Organic Arenga Sugar Moulded250g Gusset PlasticVacuum Plastic
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