Indonesia holds about 30 percent of the world’s coconut trees, mostly stretched along the coastal areas. The fallen coconuts on the shoreline are often washed away by waves, and travel throughout the archipelago before it harbors and grow on another island as coconut trees. The local coconut is then never cultivated – it is naturally replicated. With the endless use they bring, coconut trees are considered a miracle plant.

Our story started from the Indonesian seashore, where a miracle plant is born, the coconut tree.

The coconut tree can be found throughout the Indonesian archipelago, and plays a vital role into the lives of the local people. In the absence of land-based natural resources, we see that it provides almost all necessities of life; from food, drink, oil, medicine, timber, timber, mats, fuel, and domestic utensils. Unlike other plants, coconut trees can grow rapidly in only a few years, and can last up to 100 years old. It usually takes around 5-6 years to become ready to bear fruit, and provides high yield. It is often called the “tree of heaven” and “tree of life”, as it remains an important economic and subsistence crop for many traditional communities. With its endless benefits, it becomes only natural that we work with coconut trees as a sustainable source of biodiversity, and help introduce farmers with alternatives in added value processing techniques to be able to meet increasing market demands.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is produced in accordance to organic international standards and both with our Coconut Cooking Oil (CCO) has been certified with international food safety standard. The whole process is conducted naturally without chemical additives, which then offers natural goodness of the coconut. The product can then be used for a variety of good purposes, from immune booster to moisturizers, from healthy cooking alternative to sunburn relief.

A miracle product from a miracle plant, made with global standards from the islands of Indonesia.

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