From the coastal region to the deep jungle and high mountains of Indonesia, premium salts are created and have their own stories to tell. Benefiting from this work of nature, without molding intervention, Javara was able to work together with various salt artisans from around the archipelago to produce salt that are unique in shape, taste and production methods, while also maintaining high safety food standards.

The Indonesian archipelago is blessed with enormous resources and indigenous knowledge for producing premium salts.

Two-third of Indonesian territory consist of seawater, an endless source for the creation of sea salt. Sun-dried evaporation was then found to be the most common method of salt production. But then throughout Javara’s journey in discovering what has been almost forgotten, other techniques were also found in other areas aside the sea. We found different sources for salt, from mountain salts that have existed through the use of brines collected from salty mountain wells to plant-based salt found in the deep jungle of Papua.

Aspiring to promote these unique source of production methods, Javara works with different salt artisan communities; from Amed, Kusamba, Pemuteran in Bali, and Krayan in Borneo, to produce origin-specific salts and highlight them to the world. By introducing the use of modern technology (e.g. solar powerhouse) and up-to-date knowledge in food processing, indigenous salt makers are able to control the quality of their salt and mitigate unpredictable rainy seasons, helping to ensure the sustainability of their livelihood.

These artisan salts were then made to different shapes, from solid to liquid. Solid salts can be found in coarse, flakes, fine, rock, hollow temple/pyramid and cubicle ones. Following the quest from market demand, Javara was also able to create fusion of salts (infused or blended) using natural spices andcolorings. As good food calls for good salt, having variety of salts with unique flavor and texture compliments different types of dishes, desserts and drinks.

Javara will continue to safeguard the rest of forgotten salt from the rest of Indonesia. And there is more to discover.

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