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Reconnecting People to Nature and Learning The Heritage of Indonesian Food Products Through Javara Garden Store

By June 15, 2021 No Comments

Javara was beyond excited to welcome Manual Jakarta to our new Javara Garden Store in Vida Bekasi on Friday, 27 May 2021. Manual Jakarta is an independent lifestyle publication that uncovers the latest happenings in Jakarta with a focus on food, fashion, arts, and culture.

We were delighted to give Manual Jakarta a tour to our 3-hectare food garden that features hundreds of types of organically grown spices and food staples. In addition to the abundant garden, Javara also offers an exceptional experience to the chicken and fish farm where visitors may go fishing and have their catch prepared and served in the artisanal food lab kitchen by request. 

From the food garden, the trip continues to our store that features valuable products harvested from our garden, allowing visitors to learn the journey of food products, from farm to store. What’s more, the store is also blessed with ample varieties of artisanal and organic food products sourced locally from all around Indonesia. 

Visiting Javara Garden Store is the perfect idea for your weekend getaway destination as it offers a chance to reconnect to nature while also learning more about the heritage of Indonesian food products

To get more insights about our Javara Garden Store, read Manual Jakarta’s article here.


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