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The Edible Journey: Indonesia Sustainable Living Culture

By November 8, 2022November 11th, 2022No Comments

With abundant natural bio-cultural diversity, Indonesia holds an exquisite heritage of sustainable food sources spread across the archipelago. From Aceh to Papua, from mountain to sea, the diverse ecological landscape of the archipelago offers immense food ingredients that are healthy and nutritious.

These forgotten heritage ingredients deeply rooted in indigenous wisdom and food culture have also potentially become the alternative to address malnutrition, hunger, and the answer to healthier food sources in overcoming global health problems.

Our Archipelago on a Tray embodies the precious values of Indonesian food heritage by featuring natural rare ingredients such as jewawut/foxtail millet, lontar/palmyra nectar, kenari/pili nut, nypah plant-based salt, saudah pink rice, kluwih/seeded breadfruit, and mandai – fermented cempedak skin, as well as healthy and refreshing beverages sourced locally. All ingredients are natural & organically produced by farmers, fishers, and food artisans from various areas in Indonesia.

Embark on a truly remarkable edible journey through Archipelago on a Tray and experience the gourmet feast made only using the best and high-quality ingredients that you can get nowhere else. From appetizer to the main course to dessert, our delectable menus will enchant your palate with a combination of divine exotic flavors that truly satisfy your five senses.


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