PAYDAY DEAL : Cireng and Coconut cooking oil set, only IDR 59.500!

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Hello Javarian! We have a special deal prepared for you this month!

Craving for snacks? We’ve got you covered! Purchase our frozen cireng and fry them with coconut oil to savor the authentic, crispy, yet chewy Indonesian snack!

Promo Cireng Superleafs

You can choose between our two variants: One made out of Javara’s telang tapioca starch, or our newly released Superleafs Tapioca starch. Our Superleafs cireng is full of superfood leaves such as drumstick leaves (Packed with Protein, Calcium, Vitamin A, C, Potassium and Iron), Pennywort leaves (known to increase memory capability), as well as Purslanes, which is full of Omega 3. What made our cireng different is the fact that the carbohydrates won’t turn into sugar, making it a real ‘guilt-free’ snack. 

The CCO PET 250ml + Cireng Superfood/Superleafs package has a 10.000 off, making it as affordable as Rp 59.500,-
Make sure you don’t miss this deal out, only until 15 October 2020!

Terms and Conditions:
-The Promo is until 15 October 2020
-Can’t be combined with other deals/promotions.

Order your CCO PET 250ml + Cireng Superfood/Superleafs package now! For order, click the linktree here!

To contact Javara through Whatsapp,you can click here !

To see how our Cireng were made, you can watch the video here!

Stay tuned on our Instagram for more update! @javaraindonesia

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