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Koro Gude Sweet Coconut Sauce : Kecap Manis for People with Soy Allergy & Gluten Intolerance

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Kecap Manis Koro Gude

Are you a big fan of kecap manis but have an allergic reaction towards soya or have gluten intolerance? We have a perfect and tasty solution for you: Soya-Free Kecap Manis. Instead of using soya beans as in any common Kecap Manis, our Soya-Free Kecap Manis is made from Balinese Black Bean (Kacang Undis) or also known as Koro Gude. In contrast with common kecap manis which often use wheat flour to feed the yeast needed in the fermentation process, we deliberately use rice flour, to ensure that our Kecap Manis is also gluten-free. 

Javara Soya-Free Kecap Manis can be used as a substitute to any dish/recipe calling for kecap manis. Based on experience, the beautifully balanced flavor has made many customers who have tried this product adore it so much, either they are with or without special dietary requirements.

Why Choose our Javara Soya-Free Kecap Manis?

  1. It is produced using an old original recipe and technique, that is 2-tier fermentation, with dry technique and wet technique. This requires at least 6 months to allow the beans to develop its full umami flavor, and it gives a balanced taste between the umami from the fermented bean extract and the sweet caramel taste of coconut sugar. Creating a beautiful taste of Kecap Manis.
  2. It is soya-free and gluten free! So it’s safe to be consumed by people with soya allergy and gluten intolerance. Making it a safe and healthier substitute to regular kecap manis.
  3. The sugar used in this Kecap Manis is 100% organic certified coconut sugar, this means this Soya Free Kecap Manis is free from sulfit and has a low glycemic index.
  4. It is free from MSG, artificial flavoring, artificial colorants as well as chemical preservatives

Our Soya Free Kecap Manis (Koro Gude) is available in 150g and 350 gr glass bottles.

For more information regarding this product you could read it here :

Kecap Manis Koro Gude Soya Free

For order, you could contact Javara through our Whatsapp or visit our flagship store here : Javara Culture

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