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Black Coarse Salt, a Must-Have Salt in Your Kitchen

By April 29, 2022 No Comments

Salt is a must-have item for every pantry. You may find bunch of different types of salt out there in the market, and each of them may have distinctive taste and function for different purpose. We can definitely add more salts to our pantry according to what type of foods we would like to make.

As another option for your home ingredient, Javara proudly offers Black Coarse Salt as a part of our Bali Artisan Salt collection. Javara Black Coarse Salt has a rough shape with natural black color. The process of making Black Coarse Salt started with the evaporation of seawater in the beds of black volcanic sands to create pure distilled brine and the use of solar houses to naturally turn the brine into solid coarse salts.

Black Coarse Salt is made from the fusion of Bali Pemuteran handcrafted pure sea salt infused with Iyashi powder. Iyashi is activated bamboo charcoal that can function as a food colorant as well as a natural detoxing agent. It is perfect to be used on dishes that potentially cause allergies like seafood as well as garnishing on canapes and desserts.

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