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Better Together: Young People Finding Their Future in Agriculture

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Quoted from the Arirang Culture documentation video,
‘We believe “village entrepreneurship” is important because through entrepreneurship, farmers can rise from the problems they face with dignity. The entrepreneurial approach not only helps them with income but also increases the pride and quality of market penetration. If the access to markets develops, then opportunities for all small farmers will also develop. “, Said Mrs. Helianti, founder of Javara Indonesia.

Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands and is the 4th largest country by the largest population. Indonesia is rich in natural resources and 47% of Indonesian people are still involved in the agricultural sector. However, without an effective distribution and marketing network, the supply of agricultural produce will find it difficult to reach consumers. However, changes have begun to occur to change this situation through the role of several social enterprises such as Javara.

Javara, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, has a quite different story from a regular supermarket. Javara focuses on providing organic and natural food products produced directly by farmers from various regions in Indonesia in partnership with Javara. Each farmer who produces these organic products has his own unique story and Javara makes sure these stories reach the ears of Javara customers.

Even though Indonesia’s agricultural potential is enormous, there are many challenges faced in accessing markets. In this video documentation by Arirang TV, it explains how Javara develops various solutions to answer these challenges, including how to identify forgotten local foods that have market potential, and how to build young people’s interest to return to the agricultural sector through village entrepreneurship programs managed through Sekolah Seniman Pangan.

For the full version of the story, watch the video above!

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