• 125 gr Steamed Sweet Potato
    • 60 gr Javara Cassava flour (mocaf)
    • 1 pc Egg
    • To taste Javara Pemuteran Sea Salt
    • 4 tbs Javara Coconut Cooking Oil
    • A bunch of Sage


1. Scoop out the steamed sweet potato, and mash in a bowl with together with cassava flour and egg.
2. Knead until well mixed.
3. Sprinkle table with cassava flour. Grab some of the mixture, and roll it out with bare hands until it becomes a long tubular shape.
4. Cut the mixture into 3 cm length.
5. Shape into ovals, and roll out onto the table ledge with a fork to make its lined shape.
6. Boil in salted water until it floats, and set it aside.
7. Heat coconut oil in a pan, along with the sage leaves.
8. Toss the gnocchi in the pan, and season with salt and pepper.

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