Tropical Herbs of Indonesia Archipelago

Indonesian archipelago is also has a very rich diversity on herbs. They are essential elements of flavorful indigenous food found through across indonesia. Javara Herbs Collection are freshly harvested and carefully sorted to offer gourmet quality.

Naturally grown

100% Indonesia

GMO Free

No Pesticide & Chemical Inputs

No Preservatives

Gourmet Quality

Origin Specific & Traceable

* To ensure the most fresth and gourment quality, all items are made to order to ensure gourmet quality. Contact us for inquiries on specialty items.

Shelf Life: 12 months

Product Range*Halal certified

Organic certified

Cassia Cinnamon Leaves
Clove Leaves
Curry Leaves
Guava Leaves
Kaffir Lime Leaves




Nutmeg Leaves
Pandan Leaves



Salam Leaves (Indonesian Bayleaf)
Turmeric Leaves
Torch Ginger



Export ExperienceItaly, France, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan
Packaging Options**
Plastic in Paper Box for dried leaves
PET/Glass Jar for powder
** Contact us for customized packaging inquiries, including for bulk orders