Sialang – Raw Forest Wild Pure Honey

Sialang tree (Koompassia excelsa) is an endemic tree of Bukit Tiga Puluh (30 Hills), Sumatra. This product is part of the collaboration with Partnership for Forests to support forest restoration in Bukit Tigapuluh region of Sumatera. It requires special skill to be able to harvest the honey, as Sialang tree can be as high as 40 meters, and harvesting normally done in group which work collectively. A single tree can have between 10 to 30 bee combs hanging on its branches. Harvesting is done sustainably using traditional methods and rituals, ensuring that a portion of the bee comb still intact to allow sustenance of the bee colonies. We take pride of offering the honey where we will ensure traceability and impact towards the forest sustainability as well as implementation of ethical trade.

30 Hills Sialang Honey has a citrusy notes resulted from the tangy taste of the Bidaro fruit blossom nectar sucked by the bees.

Pure Raw Forest Honey

No Heating Process

No Preservatives

Sustainability Harvested

No Added Sugar & Artificial Flavorants

Ethically Traded and Traceable

Product Range:*

• Sialang Pure Raw Honey
• Sialang Honey & Ginger Spread
• Sialang Honey & Citrus Spread
• Sialang Honey & Cinnamon Spread

*Due to scarcity of these honey collection, pre-order/contract based purchase are recommended

Shelf Life: 24 months

This is our Sialang Honey Farmer video: Juri’s Honey Story

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