Rainbow Veggie Noodle

Javara Rainbow Veggie Noodle offers a healthy and nutritious alternative to instant noodle. It contains generous amount of vegetables with complimenting nutritional benefit and natural colors. The production process of the noodle is done through steaming and oven-drying, without any deep-frying process as normally done in conventional instant noodle. With over 20% of the ingredient made from combination of purple sweet potato, tomato, carrot, spinach, and spirulina, this Rainbow Veggie Noodle offers a beautiful and appetizing way of integrating vegetables into the instant noodle. The flour used for this noodle also combines with cassava flour, making it less gluten. Rainbow Veggie Noodle comes with natural seasoning that are free of MSG, artificial flavoring and preservatives. The seasoning oil is made using organic coconut oil. With all these special features, there is no such better guilt-free way to enjoy instant noodle other than this Rainbow Veggie Noodle.

Contains 20.04% mix vegetables

No Artificial Colorants

Oven-baked processing, not deep-fried

No MSG & Artificial Flavoring

No Preservatives

Hot method or cold method preparation method

Seasoning oil made using coconut cooking oil

Product Range:
• Rainbow Veggie Fried Noodle
• Rainbow Veggie Soup Noodle* *(Ready by early 2021)

Javara Rainbow Veggie Noodle is available both as fried noodle and soup noodle.
Fried noodle can be prepared using both hot methods (boiling or soaking in hot water) and cold method (soaked in room temperature water), making it perfect for travelling of where stove and hot water is not available. It can also be modified for making various dishes, such as fritter or martabak.

Shelf Life: 12 months

Packaging Options*
Retail Packaging
Rainbow Veggie Fried Noodle 76g pack Rainbow Veggie Soup Noodle 75g pack
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