Gluten Free Flour (Single Ingredient)

Javara heritage organic rice collection was launched in 2008 to celebrate and preserve Indonesia’s rice biodiversity and indigenous wisdom of sustainable agriculture practices. Until 1970’s there were 7000 varieties across the Indonesian archipelago, unfortunately most of these heirloom varieties has been lost or forgotten. Through the partnership with indigenous rice farmers Javara continuously committed to revive back such heritage by introducing it to wider market. These heritage rice help to sustain the livelihood of the indigenous farmers who rely on these rice varieties as they are more resilient towards climate change and pests. These heritage rice also serves nutritional, healthy and culinary benefit that meet the market demand for healthier diets.

No Bleaching Agents

No Preservatives

No Artificial Colorant


No Pesticide

Gluten Free


Product Range:
• Banana Flour
• Purple Sweet Potato
• Modified Cassava Flour (Mocaf)
• Papua Sago Starch

Baking, pancake, baby food, porridge, pasta, dumpling, noodles, desserts, thickening agents and many more.

Shelf Life: 12 months

Export ExperienceItaly, Singapore
Packaging Options*
ProductRetail PackagingBulk Packaging
Banana Flour, Modified Cassava Flour, Purple Sweet Potato Flour400g Paper Box3kg air-blocked plastic bag
Sago Starch Flour450g Paper Box
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