Coconut Jam

Inspired by old traditional recipes of the rural Javanese delicacy, coconut milk obtained from the finest selection of coconut is mixed and cooked together with the sweetness of Javara’s organic coconut sugar from Central Java to obtain a consistent blend. The result is then processed without preservatives nor any artificial food additives, and this is how the Javara coconut jam was born. This product exemplifies our mission to keep alive Indonesia’s culinary heritage, in order to provide a sustainable livelihood for smallholder coconut farmers in Indonesia. Produced in accordance to food safety and organic international standard (certified), we ensure the best quality product throughout the whole supply chain, from farmers to consumers.

Community sourced



No Preservatives

Product Range:
Original, Salted Caramel, Caramelized

For anything to your imagination. From spread and dip, to ice cream topping or even baking.