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Sialang Raw Forest Honey : The Story Behind This Sweet Honey

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Sialang Raw Forest Honey

Let’s trace back the story behind Javara’s Sialang Raw Forest Honey.
Located in Indonesia, ‘Bukit Tiga Puluh’ (Thirty Hills), the forest landscape with an area of 400.000 ha in Sumatra Island, is the home to 3 Sumatran species that are on the brink of extinction, Sumatran Tiger, Elephant, and OrangUtan. Not only that, but this forest is also a home to Sialang Trees (Koompassia Excelsa), an endemic plant that is considered as sacred trees by locals.

The rich branches of this Sialang Trees are abundant with wild bees and honey beehives, which is the source of our collection of Sialang Raw Forest Honey.  A single tree can have between 10 to 30 bee combs hanging on its branches. Our Raw Forest Honey collection comes with rituals and indigenous wisdom that aims to protect the forest ecosystem.

Sialang Raw Forest Honey is produced by Apis Dorsata Honey Bees. The skill required to harvest this honey must be specialized professional since it must be collected from Sialang Trees which can grow up to 50 – 80 meters high. Harvesting is done sustainably using traditional methods and rituals, ensuring that a portion of the bee comb is still intact to allow sustenance of the bee colonies. We take pride in offering the honey where we will ensure traceability and impact towards the forest sustainability as well as the implementation of ethical trade. Local tribes such as Suku Talang Mamak adhere to their indigenous wisdom to ensure food foraging from the forest landscape could pay respect to nature and its sustainability.

Different from usual farming, in Sialang Raw Forest Honey, respect and gratitude are the essential values applied in the process of honey gathering. Starting from these beautiful gorgeous ‘Bukit Tiga Puluh’ landscapes, along with Partnership for Forests, we proudly bring to you our collection of Sialang Forest Honey that are pure and traceable.

By ‘traceable’, we really mean about the trees being tracked. To share the knowledge and awareness of food sources, every single Sialang Tree where we collect our honey are given a geo tag and QR code that allows our customers to trace back the tree source of each jar of our Sialang Raw Forest Honey. You might want to try scanning this QR Code here.

By involving the honey gatherer in the making process, we ensure the quality of the honey, as well as keeping intact the enzymes, all processing involved in the making process of this Honey is done manually and without heating process. The reduction of the moisture content is being done through dehumidification.

The Sialang Honey Product Collection is the fruit of the collaboration of Partnership for Forests.

The Sialang Raw Forest Honey Collection is now available on our Javara Store and online distribution channel in Indonesia, ready to be served for you. For more details, you could read our product here. Sialang Honey product.

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