Sago Starch Flour I Tepung Pati Sagu

Packaging : 450 gr (1 pack x 6 pcs)


From Jailolo – West Halmahera Island, Indonesia, JAVARA proudly presents organically wild grown Sago Palm Flour. This high amount starch, gluten free and low glycemix starch flour is extracted from trunk of Sago Palm tree (Metroxylon sp.), a native and wildly grown plant of Indonesia. Sago is an eco-friendly source of carbohydrate. Unlike agricultural crops that produce methane gases during production, Sago Palm tree can absorb CO2 & helps to maintain water deposits. Sago Palm tree also is part of source of food sovereignty for the people in Halmahera Island. Only the excess of what being consumed by the farmers are being sold outside the island.