Packaging : 250 ml


Indonesian Natural Flavor Syrup
Celebrating the rich and diverse flavors of Indonesian Archipelago, Javara proudly presents the collection of flavored syrups using organically grown plants as a source of divine flavors, and vibrant colors. Sweeten your drinks with these wonderful flavors of Indonesia, while also benefitting from its health and nutritious properties.

Kemangi or Indonesian Basil (Ocimum africanum) is one of the popular herbs used many Indonesian dishes. It has a refreshing citrusy flavor and aroma. Kemangi is rich with vitamin A, Vitamin K and iron. The syrup is processed in such a method to ensure that all the health and nutritious property of Kemangi remain intact. Add the syrup with drinking water or coconut water or sparkling water and add a squeeze of lemon or lime. Best served chilled. For a fancy presentation, you can add a scoop of lime gelato to make Lemonade. The syrup can be also be used to sweeten and add flavor to jelly, pudding, gelato and any sweet desserts.