Coconut Chips Original – Tin 80 gr

Packaging : 80 g


We believe that the best flavors come from freshly-harvested coconuts and that added value processing should be put as close as possible to the farms to ensure optimum impact to be enjoyed locally. So against all odds, in February 2015, we set up a small Coconut Chips factory in Maumere, Flores, despite all the challenges that the island has shown. By producing the coconut chips close to where the source is, we involve local communities more than just a commodity provider. We engage them into the added-value processing system, enable transfer of knowledge and community empowerment. Together with local cooperative farmers, NGO’s and local governments, we obtain international food safety standards (HACCP) and organic certification, bringing the local product into global market, and making it as traceable as possible. The coconut chips are baked with coconut shell-fueled oven, promoting zero waste and using less electricity to produce.