No Bake Blue Cheesecake by Javara

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no bake blue cheesecake

Want to make a cheesecake but you have no oven? no worries! this recipe is a perfect match for you! The ingredients are easy to find. Plus, this cheesecake is easy to make. Let’s see the recipe of this beautiful Blue Cheesecake by Javara!

The ingredients used in this recipe can be found on Javara Culture!

Ingredients :

150 gram Javara Coconut Biscotti 
2 tbsp Javara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)
2 tsp Javara Organic Arenga Sugar (Gula Aren)
1 pod Javara Vanilla Beans
350 gram Cream Cheese
100 ml Javara Simple Syrup
300 ml Cold Whipping Cream
2 tbsp Javara Blue Pea Flower Powder
100 gram Whipped cream (for topping)
6pcs Javara Dried Blue Pea Flower            

Steps :

  1. Put in 150 gr Javara Coconut Biscotti into food processorprocess until it turns into fine crumbs.
  2. Add 2 tbsp of Javara Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and 2 tsp Javara Organic Arenga Sugar into food processor and mix well in the food processor.
  3. Pour it into a greased 18cm springform pan, press evenly using a spoon
  4. Store the cheesecake base in the freezer.
  5. Take 1 pod Javara Vanilla Beans, cut in half and scrape down the seeds.
  6. Add the vanilla to 250gr of cream cheese.
    Also, add 100ml of Javara Simple Syrup into it, whip it until smooth using electric mixer.

TIPS : don’t discard the leftover scraping vanilla beanIt can be stored inside the sugar container to get the vanilla aroma in the sugar.

  1. Add 300ml of cold whipping cream into it, and whip again.
  2. Take out 1/3 of the mixture and set aside.
  3. Add 2 tbsp of Javara Blue Pea Flower Powder into the remaining 2/3 batter and mix evenly.
  4. Pour into the base alternating with the white batter.
  5. Shake the pan firmly to smooth out the top.
  6. Add swirl pattern using narrow knife/chopstick.
  7. Store in the fridge to set for at least 12 hours.
  8. Decorate with whipped cream and Javara Dried Butterfly Pea Flower.
  9. No-Bake Blue Cheesecake is ready to be served!

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