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A Good Way to Sweeten Your Life with Sumatra Wild Blossom Honey

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There are many ways to sweeten your food and drinks, such as by using honey. In addition to being a sweetener for pancakes and waffles, honey is also the perfect match to your iced tea since it provides a natural sweet taste. To enhance your eating experience, Javara offers Sumatra Wild Blossom Honey for those who want a natural sweetener for various dishes.

Sumatra Wild Blossom Honey Javara is sustainably produced by local beekeepers in Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia. This product is made from 100% pure honey without the addition of cane sugar or corn sugar, as well as with high enzyme activity as a sign that no refining and heating process is involved. This aims to ensure that all the goodness of the honey remains intact.

The beekeeping farm is located within the peatland region where most of the pollen is from wild ferns, wild berries, and pines. This ecosystem contributes to the honey’s signaturedark color and distinctive layers of taste. Moreover, the lab test results show that Javara’s Sumatra Wild Blossom Honey has a high antioxidant activity where 1 teaspoon of honey contains antioxidants equivalent to extracts from 143 grams of mangosteen rind. One nice tip for you, don’t use honey for hot food/beverage because the enzymes will break down when heated. Heated honey will eventually become toxic to our body.
There is certainly a lot of goodness in this honey. Order Javara’s Sumatra Wild Blossom Honey now to naturally sweeten your favorite dishes!

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